Summer 1995 Program Highlights

Course instructors:
Judy Kennedy (University of Delaware), Dynamical Systems
Gail Nelson (Carleton College), Knot Theory
Teaching Assistants
Sara Kaste (St. Olaf College)
Liz Stanhope (Carleton College)
Computer Lab instructor:
Laura Chihara (St. Olaf College)
Problem-Solving instructor:
Janice Sklensky (St. Olaf College)
Colloquium speakers:
Deirdre Smeltzer (St. Thomas), "Error-correcting codes and their applications"
Deanna Haunsperger (Carleton College) "Does Your Vote Count?"
Laura Chihara (St. Olaf College) "Mathematics and the Buckyball"
Jeff Ondich (Carleton College) "Shaking Hands with Mozart"
Steve Kennedy (Carleton College) "Two Heads are Better than None"
Joe Gallian (University of Minnesota, Duluth) "Touring a Torus"
Amy Kolan (St. Olaf College) "Playing Billiards on a Triangular Table"
Linda Petzold (University of Minnesota)
Honorary participant:
Sam Haunsperger Kennedy

Summer 1995 participants came from the following schools:

``Your problem is not defeat . . .

. . . it is an opportunity to grow."


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