Summer Mathematics Program for Women Undergraduates
While the SMP community still exists and is active, the summer program no longer runs due to lack of funding.
The Carleton College Summer Mathematics Program for Women is an NSF-funded program to encourage and support women in their study of mathematics.
The goals of the program include:
  • introducing students to new areas of mathematics;
  • honing students' mathematical reasoning, proof writing, problem solving, and presentation skills;
  • building self-confidence, encouraging enthusiasm for mathematics, and increasing awareness of opportunities for continued study in the mathematical sciences;
  • connecting students into a supportive network of other female college math majors, graduates and professionals to support them through their graduate studies in mathematics.
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Admission into this program is highly selective and is limited to female mathematics students who are currently completing their first or second year of college. Students are expected to have had Calculus and Linear Algebra.  Participants must be U.S. citizens, nationals, or permanent residents.  

Participants in past programs have reported
  • "This experience has revived my mathematical soul and charged me up."
  • "The program has given me the confidence that I can succeed in math, both as a student and as a woman."
  • "I feel like a future in math was opened for me through the program."
  • "My confidence, interest and goals in mathematics soared to new heights with the information presented to me through the program."
Program directors: Deanna Haunsperger, Steve Kennedy, Laura Chihara, Gail Nelson, and Jill Dietz. 
Information and application materials for the 2014 program: Information for SMP participants
Publications about the Summer Mathematics Program:
A photo from our 10th year reunion in 2005. Some information from the early years:
  • Summer `95
  • Summer `96
  • Summer `97
  • Summer `98
  • Summer `99
  • Summer `00
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    The program is being held on the Carleton College campus in Northfield, Minnesota, which is located approximately forty miles south of Minneapolis.

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